Got a big idea and need help setting it in motion?

The Lab is the all-in creative team to make it happen.

Creative Strategy & Execution

We are the creatives, researchers, and strategy experts that make up The Lab Leadership Team to bring your bold ideas to life. We have over 20 years of experience creating unconventional productions for individuals, companies and professional brands on a mission. We don’t take the path, we make the path.

Visual Branding & Positioning

Our team of creative directors and analysts will launch or reimagine your brand with a customized Visual Identity Playbook and/or cohesive package of brand assets based on channel research, persona mapping, and strategic initiatives.

Content Creation & Production

Our team of award winning content producers and creatives will take your audio and brand, or ideas to the next level with a steady stream of visuals based on a customized Strategic Plan, designed to keep momentum and provide your target audience with consistently engaging content.

Strategic Injection

Need some strategic advice? Schedule a 1-hour call with The Lab Leadership Team to get a quick hit of strategy based on your initiatives. Come to us with your gut checks, mental blocks, or nuggets of an idea and we will give you recommendations to take that initiative to the next level.

Strategic Incubator

Need help digging deeper to break convention and gain traction? Schedule an immersive, exploratory call with The Lab Leadership Team and we’ll deliver (within 14 days) a comprehensive audit and analysis of your current digital footprint, as well as a detailed playbook with steps you can take to become the disruptor in your space. 

The Strategic Incubator Playbook will be customized to your specific industry and goals, and will have everything you need to implement the strategies on your own. Or, if you prefer, we will apply the upfront Strategic Incubator costs toward the cost of partnering with our team of experts for implementation.


Through our collective industry expertise we are invested in creating performance-enhancing visual content that connects. It’s not just content for the sake of content – it’s strategically crafted visuals on a mission.


We’re well-experienced in creating visual experiences.

With the perfect combination of industry experience across our strategy and creative teams, we’ve worked in world-class agencies, teamed up with top brands and entertainers, participated in high-brow industry events, and more.

Now, we’re seeking new and innovative ways to make an impact. For us, that means working with brands and people that are already making a difference and looking for a greater impact.

Because of our team’s diverse array of digital specialties, we’re able to conceptualize, build, and implement visual content at a rapid pace.

From visual strategy, trend research, and audience analysis to visual messaging, content remixing, and leveraging UGC – every partnership starts with the question:




It has to be a mutual fit on impact. When you have us, you have our investment in you and a content team that’s got your back.



Let’s set the stage with your content goals, develop a tone and positioning, and determine the best cadence and velocity for your brand.



Frictionless visuals on your mission. It’s like having an in-house creative team without the overhead.


 Deployment • Distribution • Sponsorships • PR • Film Production • Audio Design

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